Rescue Wing

Available courses:

Rescue block training programme modules:

To train and educate learners into becoming Rescue Technicians who specialize primarily on rescue but are also medically orientated and will be able to provide basic medical assistance should there be a need. This programme will allow practitioners or student to share and advance rescue science and technology and to develop and enhance proficiency in general rescue techniques, vehicle rescue, incident command and pre-hospital care. To promote injury prevention, through education and awareness, within all groups at risk from unintentional injury, thus reducing the gap between patient access and medical treatment through reducing the amount of time required to access the patient.

A number of rescue exercises are also integrated into the programme. These expose students to simulated rescue scenarios. Although physically challenging, medical rescue remains a rewarding and essential part of the Emergency Medical Service.

Work opportunities for graduates of the Emergency Care Technician and Certificate in EMC courses exist in:

  • Provincial and local authority Emergency Medical Services
  • Private Emergency Services and hospital groups
  • Defence Forces
  • Remote site services such as offshore oil rigs and the mining industry
  • Civil defence agencies
  • Emergency Medical Services abroad e.g. UK, USA, Australia, UAE
  • Universities and colleges offering emergency care education and training