Medical Wing

Available courses:

An Emergency Care Technician treats patients that need urgent medical care by performing advanced pre-hospital medical procedures. Emergency Medical Care courses offered by EMRC intends on being student orientated and ensuring that post qualifying the prospective learners will be considered for employment based on the quality of teaching and learning.

A qualified Emergency Care Technician is able to render emergency medical care to ill and injured patients in a variety of environments. In addition, the Practitioner is also trained to take command of major incidents, provide clinical governance, manage emergency services and play a role in education and training of emergency service personnel.

The clinical learning component is integrated into the programme and exposes the student to real patients in both the pre-hospital and in-hospital environments. Students also complete a number of classroom practicals as well as work on the EMR College emergency vehicles with their lectures. During these learning events the students are supervised by qualified registered practitioners.

Work opportunities for graduates of the Diploma in Emergency Medical Care and Certificate in EMC courses exist in:

  • Provincial and local authority Emergency Medical Services
  • Private Emergency Services and hospital groups
  • Defence Forces
  • Remote site services such as offshore oil rigs and the mining industry
  • Civil defence agencies
  • Emergency Medical Services abroad e.g. UK, USA, Australia, UAE
  • Universities and colleges offering emergency care education and training