The Emergency Medical Rescue College intends on offering Emergency Medical Care and Rescue specific courses which will contribute towards the decreasing the current shortage of Emergency Medical Care personnel in Swaziland, eventually decreasing the pre-hospital mortality rate through adequate and effective medical and rescue intervention by qualified Rescue Technicians.

The institution will work with the Ministry of Health in improving the country’s emergency medical services by helping in the establishment and improving rescue services for example; fire stations, Hazmat Units, Confined space rescuers etc. the institution will strive to contribute to the reduction of unemployment by producing graduates that are ready for the job market.

At the moment Emergency Medical Rescue College will be the only registered college offering Emergency Medical Care and Rescue courses in Swaziland, that being said our aim is to establish a rescue institution which is internationally recognized and meets international standards.


Healthcare Short-Courses

Available courses:

  • BLS for Healthcare Providers (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Flight Medical Attendant
  • First Aid Level l
  • First Aid Level II
  • First Aid Level III

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