Trench Rescue

Aims of the Course

To provide the student with the necessary knowledge, skills and insight needed to safely and effectively co-ordinate and or participate in a trench rescue operation. Also to provide students with the insight needed to classify different trenches and have an appreciation for the possible dangers and or particular problems associated with operating in each type of trench.

Course Duration

Rescue should not be attempted by individuals who have not been formally trained. Local Rescue Authorities, Fire Departments, Departments of Defence, Emergency Medical Services, etc. may be able to provide information on trench rescue training, practice, equipment and organizations that are actively looking for members to employ within their organization. The trench rescue course will take between 2 to 3 weeks to complete, this will include theory classes as well practicals which will be carried out within and outside the college premises.

Course Description

In summary the Trench Rescue course will enable student to overcome the following objectives in order to be effectively and adequately competent in trench rescue:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge by accurately citing specific regulations that impact trench rescue operations.
  • Accurately recognize types of trenches and excavations, along with the types of collapses, collapse patterns, and factors leading to trench failures.
  • Describe the different types of hazards associated in and around the trench incident as well as how to mitigate those hazards.
  • Recall and discuss rescue team preparation including rescue tool maintenance and use, scene accountability, personal protective equipment and scene safety.
  • Students, provided with information from this chapter along with the provided tools, equipment, and materials, will accurately describe and demonstrate the pre‐entry operation essential to safely perform in‐and‐around a given trench rescue incident.
  • Identify shoring system components and demonstrate how they are deployed and used in a given trench rescue operation.
  • Demonstrate the installation of shoring systems in a given trench rescue operation.
  • Be able to identify factors that affect victim search, soil removal, and demonstrate victim rescue and recovery at a given trench rescue operation.