Aviation Rescue

Aims of the Course

To provide the student with the knowledge, skill and insight needed to function and work with a rotor winged aircraft in the rescue environment. This will include the skills and techniques required to rescue a patient from any environment into the aircraft.

Course Duration

Rescue should not be attempted by individuals who have not been formally trained. Local Rescue Authorities, Fire Departments, Departments of Defence, Emergency Medical Services, etc. may be able to provide information on Aviation rescue training, practice, equipment and organisations that are actively looking for members to employ within their organisation. The aviation module will take between 2 to 3 weeks to complete, this will include theory classes as well practicals which will be carried out within and outside the college premises.

Course Description

During this module students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required for a medic to operate in an aircraft, bot rotor and fixed wing:

  • Types of aircraft used for rescue purposes.
  • Procedures one needs to follow in order to activate an aircraft for a medical rescue incident.
  • General considerations one needs to take into account before activating an aircraft for an incident.
  • General physic behind the generation of lift and flight.
  • The advantages & disadvantages of rotor wing aircraft.
  • Dangers associated with working in and around rotor wing aircraft.
  • Various methods of signalling and communicating with an aircraft from the ground.
  • Identify and neutralize potential hazards for the aircraft and rescue crew. · Construct an emergency landing zone for a rotor winged aircraft by day and at night in a built up area.
  • Correctly deploy a smoke grenade and other signalling devices.
  • Signal to an aircraft using a heliograph mirror.
  • Hoisting and lowering of the rescuer with a hoisting strap and a rescue harness.
  • Hoisting of stretchers from water, from a mountain top and from a mountain slope.
  • How to rescue/hoist a patient from water.