Rescue Block Programmes

To be eligible for admission for this Rescue Block Programme modules candidates must:

  • Pass a fitness assessment set up to test endurance (both physical and mental).
  • For learners coming straight from high school with a pass.
  • Those already in the EMS industry should possess the minimum of a Certificate in Basic Ambulance Assistance course or higher with any accredited and reputable institution.
  • Entry by exemption: candidates from protection services (Defence Force, Police Service, and Wildlife), Fire Brigade, Agriculture, Emergency Medical Services and Utility Services will also be eligible for entry

Students may also enrol on one or more Rescue Courses that they wish to do. Block programmes are mainly designed for people who are already serving in the Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services, Department of Defence, Police Service and registered student from other Colleges, but that being said everyone are welcomed to enrol for the Rescue Course. This Rescue courses will be made available to them upon request or during the scheduled date.

One Rescue Course will usually take 2 or 3 weeks, during this time students will cover the Theory and Practical component of the course. Some Rescue Course will require the student to avail themselves for practical components which will be done outside the College premises.

After successfully completing the Rescue Course students will be recognized with a certificate proving their competency in that specific Rescue Course. The below are all rescue courses offered by EMRC: