We, as the Emergency Medical Rescue College, pledge to produce and aim for quality over quantity of our graduates. We believe that one competent Rescue Technician or Emergency Care Technician will contribute positively towards the patient’s prognosis as compared ten incompetent Technicians therefore we will never compromise quality over quantity.

Emergency Medical Care alone is insufficient and inadequate without the aid of rescue technicians. We as the College believe that one cannot survive without the other hence we saw the need to introduce this learning opportunity. This aspect forms part of patient management and is very essential in the sense that when EMS Practitioners are not equipped with the relevant skills to conduct a rescue exercise, medical intervention will become impossible because patient access will be limited. This is where our college fits in within the EMS value chain.

EMRC Goals and Objectives

  • To undertake training of healthcare personnel focusing mainly on healthcare related programmes from certificate to degree level
  • To produce healthcare personnel to assist the current crisis of shortage of manpower in the health industry, to ensure effectiveness and promote high standards of patient care through relevant quality training and support
  • To engage in provision of in-service training for both public/private fund sector needs by equipping the personnel with the necessary skill-mix required to meet the current healthcare challenges.

Healthcare Short-Courses

Available courses:

  • BLS for Healthcare Providers (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Flight Medical Attendant
  • First Aid Level l
  • First Aid Level II
  • First Aid Level III

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