We Train The Brave!

University of Swaziland
The newly established EMRC is proud to be the first college in Swaziland to offer Emergency Medical Care and Rescue training. In partnership with the University of Swaziland (UNISWA), we offer courses at all levels, from single modules all the way to degree level, training individuals with existing experience as well as those intending on establishing a career within the EMS or Rescue Services.
Emergency Medical Rescue College


The qualified Practitioner is able to render emergency medical care to ill and injured patients in a variety of environments. In addition, the Practitioner is also trained to take command of major incidents, provide clinical governance, manage emergency services.



Rescue Technicians specialises primarily on rescue but are also medically orientated. Students will advance rescue science and technology, enabling them to develop and enhance proficiency in general rescue techniques, vehicle rescue, incident command and pre-hospital care.



EMRC also offers Health and Safety short courses: BLS, ACLS, First Aid, Basic Fire Fighting and Flight Medical Attendant which are specifically designed for people in the workplace, Non-medical personnel and qualified Healthcare Providers already practicing within their scope.